Rose Croix - District of Surrey

King Edward VII - Chapter of Improvement

Under the authority of the Supreme Council 33°of the Ancient and Accepted Rite for England and Wales and its Districts and Chapters Overseas, King Edward VII Rose Croix Chapter of Improvement meets at 10 Duke Street, St.James's, London, SW1Y 6BS, on the first Thursday of every month throughout the year ( with the exception of August ) at 5.30pm for a prompt start at 5.45pm. Regalia is not required, but visitors should be duly vouched for. The Enthronement Ceremony is rehearsed in lieu of the Third Point at the January, April, July and October meetings. 

For those wishing to become an Individual Life Member either attend one of the meetings of the Chapter of Improvement on the dates mentioned above and pay the appropriate amount or, alternatively, send a cheque for the appropriate amount to the Treasurer, Kevin McNicholas, whose address is 8 Norwood Park Road, London, SE27 9UA.

Individual Life Membership of the Chapter of Improvement is £5.00 for members of London Chapters and £2.00 for members of District Chapters and Chapters Overseas. 

The Annual Chapter Affiliation Fee is £5.00 and it is due for payment on or after 1st October each year. 

All members, particularly those who are about to take office or who are currently in office, are encouraged to attend the regular meetings of the Chapter of Improvement. The meetings are welcoming and friendly with the aim of enabling members to reach a good standard of ritual and floor work. Under the Risings, at the end of each regular meeting, the members are requested to volunteer for an office of choice at the next meeting or subsequent meetings. If requested, the Second Point can be split for two members to participate. Every member is given the opportunity to take part. Each ritual Point is overseen by a designated Preceptor, who will give the necessary time to advise and assist each office and, if necessary, to prompt as ritual books are not allowed to be open during the meeting. The Preceptors are always available at the meetings to answer any queries relating to the ritual.

Members who are unable to attend except on an ad-hoc basis, are also welcome and the Preceptors will endeavour to do their very best to assist them.

King Edward VII - Chapter of Improvement

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